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AUS Consultants has been delivering unsurpassed consulting services to the utility industry for decades. Our expert professionals support clients on virtually all federal and state regulatory agency involved in rate proceedings, as well as in court proceedings and special tribunals assessing the value of utility assets. Their combined experience translates into a strong understanding of the key strategic issues faced by today’ utility professionals in both vertically integrated utilities and utilities operating in the restructured industry.

Our consultants are absorbed in an environment of collaboration that allows them to build on collective expertise, enhancing client outcomes. This collective mindset fosters innovation, continuously repurposing our expertise into the development of new products and services.

AUS Consultants publishes two of the top utility reports in the industry: the AUS Monthly Utility Report and the AUS Telephone Plant Index.

We are proud of our robust history and track record of satisfied clients. We grow as a company with each case we take on and will continue to do so. Stay tuned to our website for more exciting announcements. For more information about AUS Consultants, please visit our website at

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Utility Consulting

Rate of Return Analysis

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Rate and Tariff Design

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